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Field Work

Our facilities have come a long way thanks to a dedicated group of volunteers. That work however never ends! Please come out and help us prepare our facilities and fields for opening day. Landscaping, painting, and clean-up  are some of the tasks to be completed. No experience needed!

Important Documents

Concession Committee

Comprised of 12 parents, this committee will work towards the efficient operation of the League's important revenue source. On a rotational basis, membership will serve as managers to ensure that all scheduled volunteers report for their shift in a timely fashion. They will also ensure that the total take is tallied at the end of the day and secured as directed.

Coach, Manager & Team Parent

Manager or Head Coach
Head Coach. Responsible for overall management of the team.  Creating a fun, supportive learning environment for the kids where basic skills and sportsmanship will be emphasized. Commitment includes regular practice games scheduled.

Team Parent
Help manage the efficient operation of the team. Tasks may include: uniform distribution; communications to parents regarding game and practice schedule, and helping to keep an energetic team in the dugout in line. Team parents are also responsible for ensuring that the adult volunteer, scheduled to work concessions, is present prior to the start of their game.